Ojai, an International City of Peace.

Ojai is a community that fosters a culture of peace within, as well as in our homes, schools, businesses, government and all aspects of community life and livelihood. We are dedicated to serving the emergence of personal, ecological, and Universal well being.


To honor a culture of peace based on our one shared humanity and interconnectedness with all life.


To inspire educational programs and services designed to empower individuals and the community in establishing an inclusive, sustainable, and enduring culture of peace.


To foster a community that connects with, knows, and respects its neighbors of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs.


To nurture a culture of love and peace in body, mind and spirit.

We see receiving our status as an ICP for Ojai as just the beginning. We will be exploring and developing opportunities that encourage individuals and groups in finding creative ways of fostering peace through initiatives, programs and events.

Brian Berman

How Did Ojai Become an International City of Peace?

HolosA small group of peace builders came together in fall 2014 with the idea that Ojai could become an International City of Peace. 

Brian Berman imagined that his HOLOS design would be a symbol for peace and One Humanity. Julie Heyman knew of the International Cities of Peace project and they combined their visions as One.

Others joined in, gathered signatures and shared the vision. Plans are unfolding for peace building here in the Ojai Valley and let's build a culture of peace that spreads across the country and on to all nations.

On April 14th 2015, Mayor Lara presented the proclamation that Ojai was the 99th an International City of Peace.